Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leaving for World Congress in Spain

I leave today for the World Congress on Biodiversity of the Middle East. I just found out that the 11 Iraqi scientists whom we have set up two panels with received their visa's from Spain. Our big conference participation will be next Tuesday, July 20. My student assistant and right hand woman, Tova Fleming, has been a great assistance in this process. My colleague Dr. Adil Yousif al Handel, Dr. Matthew Hall and myself helped to coordinate and put the Iraqi syposia together.

I am also starting a non profit, Hima Mesopotamia: Water and Peace in the Middle East and the web site should be up soon.


  1. Michelle - Mary just forwarded your blog address. Sending good thoughts and peace your way as you embark on this important work. Hugs.

  2. Michelle,
    I'm looking forward to seeing how your trip is going!!! We are thinking of you!,