Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pictures from Azraq wetlands

Phragmites in early morning light
Soil Profile - once was spring fed wetlands, now 20 m below wetlands
Azraq wetlands fed by supplemental water

Big Flat - ephemeral wetland completely flooded this spring

Bedouin house at edge of wetland

My favorite picture - sheep and donkey and Bedouin  herders

Sheep with donkey and Bedouin woman herding

Looking at ephemeral wetland

Boys with their toys - American and Jordanian military exercises - scared the crap out of me

Wetland with bombing practice in background

Camels seemingly undisturbed by bombing practice - co-evolved?

Hazem - Project Manager at Azraq Wetlands


Well at Azraq Castle

Coffee Shop in town of Azraq

Desert surrounding Azraq wildlife refuge - significance of wet oasis in the  midst of desert


Town of Azraq early in the morning

Gazelles at Shawmari Wildlife Refuge, Jordan

Big Bad Watch Geese - closer every morning - intention of butt biting

Azraq Lodge Kitty

Kitty on way to wetland

Kitty on way to wetland

Mama kitty nursing kittens at Azraq lodge

Hope - dove nest in desert

Arabian Oryx at Shawmari Wildlife Refuge in Jordan

Pictures of Petra from Jordan trip

Sacred Weather Station
The following images are from Petra. The Environmental Director, Majed,  gave us a tour of the hidden water conveyance systems, the visible water conveyance system, the advance warning flood system, and weather station (almanac in arabic) - not place of sacrifice.

Sacred Weather Station

Deep within the canyon of Petra
Phragmites in Petra water source


Entering Market area at Petra