Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pictures from Azraq wetlands

Phragmites in early morning light
Soil Profile - once was spring fed wetlands, now 20 m below wetlands
Azraq wetlands fed by supplemental water

Big Flat - ephemeral wetland completely flooded this spring

Bedouin house at edge of wetland

My favorite picture - sheep and donkey and Bedouin  herders

Sheep with donkey and Bedouin woman herding

Looking at ephemeral wetland

Boys with their toys - American and Jordanian military exercises - scared the crap out of me

Wetland with bombing practice in background

Camels seemingly undisturbed by bombing practice - co-evolved?

Hazem - Project Manager at Azraq Wetlands


Well at Azraq Castle

Coffee Shop in town of Azraq

Desert surrounding Azraq wildlife refuge - significance of wet oasis in the  midst of desert


Town of Azraq early in the morning

Gazelles at Shawmari Wildlife Refuge, Jordan

Big Bad Watch Geese - closer every morning - intention of butt biting

Azraq Lodge Kitty

Kitty on way to wetland

Kitty on way to wetland

Mama kitty nursing kittens at Azraq lodge

Hope - dove nest in desert

Arabian Oryx at Shawmari Wildlife Refuge in Jordan

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