Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wadi Rum and Petra

Wadi Rum and the desert voyage was a wonderful experience. Then Petra. We had a full day with the Environmental Director of Petra named Majed. We met him to discuss the area in a cane like restaurant the night before for cappuccino. The next day we started at Petra at 7:00 am, and were made aware of this complex water system conveyance system, flood advanced warning system, and sacred weather station. Going with Majed made the place come alive. I did lose my camera with everything on it in the womens bathroom; some Japanese tourists looked at the pictures and found Clara to return it. I was panicking!

In the afternoon we went to Little Petra and looked at large water storage systems. then a wonderful walk at Wadi Musa, looking at a wonderful hima and restoration site. We walked down a drainage very incised and head cut. The agricultural part, of winsome ancient dancing olive trees, grapes, figs, pomegranate, prunes, apricot and apple trees. Beautiful riparian patches with willows. Birds singing everywhere He had his colleague bring us tea as we sat peacefully in the grass under the trees, listening for the athan singing prayers, looking out at the sunset over Petra. One hillside was deforested and eroding drastically, the other vegetated with agricultural and wild vegetation, and was whole.

Some Syrians had some green finches on a string to call in other finches, cage them, and sell them for 30 dinar ($40). This was illegal and they were busted!

Such a nice day,  learned so much about this ancient water system. Ended the evening with Petra by night. At 8:30 walked in the luminaria lined stone path through the narrow canyon, ending at the Market. There were over 500 flickering luminarias. First we heard a traditional stringed instrument, then a flute. A story teller told us about the area as we sipped tea, then out the canyon. The full moon was rising, so beautiful and soft and cheerful. What a magical day. I am so grateful for the wisdom from Majed, and hospitality. People who are so inspired make my heart happy, and these beautiful caring people are all over the world. It gives me hope. Below are images from Wadi Rum

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