Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Constuction on Ilusu Dam, Tigris River

Ilusu Dam construction has begun and they are doing double construction shifts. This dam is huge and will have a devastating effect on the Tigris River. The world bank, European Union and several European investment firms have withdrawn funding for this project due to both environmental and human rights impacts.
I could only take pictures from inside the car, as the Turkish government has FORBIDDEN getting out of the car to take pictures!

Big equipment from inside the car.

Construction of Ilusu Dam

The Euphrates River on the way to Ilusu Dam for an idea of the undisturbed river condition. The following information is from Doga Dernegi, an NGO working on environmental issues in Turkey. Their web site is www.doganernegi.org; or www.stopilusu.com; or www.hasankeyfgirisimi.com. The dam is 65 km from the Turkey/ Syria/Iraq border and would have devastating downstream impacts on water flows, biodiversity and human rights in the lower watershed. The Dam is 135 m height, 1,820 m wide, and affects 400 km of the Tigris and tributaries. It will supply 3,800 GWh per year if built. There are five smaller dams proposed as an equivalent alternative to this dam. EVEN IF THE DAM IS CONTRUCTED IT COULD BE DESIGNED WITH AFTERBAY AND FOREBAY TO REGULATE FLOWS AND THE OUTFLOW DESIGNED TO SUSTAIN FISH AND AQUATIC LIFE AND BIODIVERSITY ALONG THE RIVER.

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