Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't Miss Gregory Popejoy Public Access, August 17th @ 8pm

August 17th, 8pm, Channel 17 (Public Access)

Gregory Popejoy will be speaking with Dr. Michelle Stevens about her recent research on the Tigris-Euphrates watershed in Turkey.

The marshes of Iraq are drying and the Shatt al Arab is growing more and more saline; the people of Basrah, Iraq have salt water coming out of their taps due to water diversion in Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

Dr. Stevens went to Turkey looking for answers:

Why so many dams? What is the effect of these dams on the Turkish and Iraqi people? What is the current state of the Tigris-Euphrates watershed? Is a each nation for itself approach to climate change effective when rivers cross international boundaries?

Find out what she discovered.

Tune in tomorrow, August 17th @ 8pm, Channel 17, Public Access Sacramento

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