Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Day in Hasenkeyf

Last photo in Hasenkeyf: After swimming in the Tigris River, then hiking to the hot dusty cliffs of the castle, we sat in chairs in the river and shade where it was cool and drank Turkish tea. What a great way to end the day! What a great trip. I am deeply indebted to Doga Dernegi and the staff who made this such a fantastic, magical and heart breaking journey. Special thanks to Ferdi, Muyettin, Turan, Omar, Fama, Marissa, Digle, Engin, Mustaffa, Hassan, Urich Eichelmann, and Guven Eken for the friendship, hospitality and sharing their hearts and minds. I want to particular acknowledge travelling during Rameden. Last night on the way to the airport, at 7:19 Muyettin and Omar could finally eat and drink after a very hot hot day. Muyettin asked me if I knew what that first drink of water meant to him, and I think this is correct. "You are doing a give away to the Creator/ Allah for all the blessings he gives you. You are doing your spiritual practice, and remembering all those in the world who have no food or water. When you drink now, after not drinking all day, it is the very best drink of water in the whole world. You are reminded what a gift water is." This seems a core lesson for my travels on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, Firat and Digle Nehri. Water is life. Let us care for it, bless it, honor it, and protect it, for these source mother rivers run in our veins, run in our ancestry, and are our future.
Tigris River. Digle Nehri.

Hasenkeyf from the castle. If Ilusu Dam is constructed, this ancient city will be flooded, and all the people become environmental refugees.

The castel, in the cliffs above Hasenkeyf.

The beautiful Tigris River.

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