Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photos from Bierecik Dam, Euphrates

Marissa, Michelle and Hama above reservoir at Halfeti, a town "drowned" by reservoir and people relocated against their will.
Dam is regulated so that there is a complete lack of water for 2-5 hours each day, then a surge of water as they generate hydroelectricity of 1-3m downstream. Flows from dams at 15m, meaning very cold water that fish are not adapted to. Result of dewatering and temperatures is significant on native fish species, as well as introduction of non native fish species.
Before dams there were over 100 different fish species. The shaboot was 10-15 kg and is a great food fish (take it from me!). Another fish was from 150-165 kg. Dam regulation has been devastating to fish and aquatic life on Euphrates but this loss appears to be undocumented.
Aqua culture facilityfor forell. Produce 1,100,000 fish per year. Around 6 years ago the river otters cok kus agi (water dogs in turkish and arabic) broke in nets and released fish.
Umit, fish manager of aquaculture facility. Shows where fish are raised for first 20 days before being released into larger containers.

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