Monday, August 2, 2010

Leaving Istanbul for Turkey Aug 2

Today Mom left Istanbul for home in Oroville. This is a wonderful city, and our stay at Sphendon Hotel in the old city of Sultnahmet has been wonderful. The garden in the back has been so lovely for breakfast, with quince and periwinkles, geraniums, and grapes. I love hearing the call to prayers from the Blue Mosque near our hotel, then echoing out through the city five times a day. Every inch of this city is steeped in antiquity, a veritable archaeological paradise. It's hard to keep all the layers straight. At the archaeological museum, the Greek and Roman statues and crypts were very beautiful. In these pictures, you can look out over black sea; the Bosphorus strait from the Sultans palace; see the horse drawn carriages on the Prince Islands; and mom and I at lunch. It would be so interesting to do a kitty study here. There are so many cats, and they are very affectionate and well fed. They must have a very interesting social structure with this density; every home and hotel has one, plus there are more. I'm doing alittle kitty collage for my friend Mary Medicine Bug. I imagine they don't have veterinary care and don't live to an old age, but they really have a major presence here. A whole kitty world apart from the people world. I've seen several dogs, but mostly they are with people but not on leashes, much better trained than certain dogs who shall not be named. I loved swimming in the Black Sea; it was rough, so riding out through the surf then bobbing on the surface and paddling around in the clear water with perfect temperature was delightful.

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